2017 Doubles Club Championship

More Club Championship results!

Champion Finalist
Coed 12U Novice Arjun Joshi & Dorian Pettengill Akshar Desai & Pierce Pettengil
G14U Novice Margaret Chen & Rumei Zha  Kathryn Hemmila & Sarah Stansfileld
G14U Advanced Alicia Qin & Ayla Soofi  (round robin format)
B12U Advanced Gaman Keshav & Ned Curley Victor Xu & Kevin Joo
B14U Novice Victor Xu & Aarnav Unadkat Gaman Keshav & Ned Curley
B14U Advanced Stanley Rhodes & Sam Berkooz Rishab Jayaraman & Eric Heng

2017 Singles Junior Club Championship

During the holiday season, HVTC held its annual Junior Doubles Club Championship in November, the Junior Singles Club Championships in December, and several Friday two-hour tournaments. We applaud everyone who participated!

Champion Finalist
 10U Coed Green Dot Gaman Keshav Harish Narayan
 Girls’ 12U Novice  Aoife Tang  Neha Gundala
 Girls’ 12U Advanced  Annamaria Raftu  (round robin format)
 Girls’ 14U Novice  Praveena Mohanraj  Rebecca Young
 Girls’ 14U Advanced  Annamaria Raftu  Neha Narayan
 Boys’ 12U Novice  Sathvik Nath  Brayden Erwin
 Boys’ 12U Advanced  Nicholas Pauken  Hassan Hejazi
 Boys’ 14U Novice  Agosto D’Andrea  Hassan Hejazi
 Boys’ 14U Advanced  Benjamin Zhang  Aarnav Unadkat
 Boys’ 18U Advanced  Stanley Rhodes  Eric Liu


Cardio Tennis

Do you play tennis for exercise, or do you exercise to play better tennis? Either answer is perfect for HVTC’s cardio tennis program. Cardio tennis is a low-impact drill session designed to get the heart rate up and the feet moving. The time is Monday 1:30-2:30pm, and signup is weekly. The cost is $18 for members, $21 for nonmembers.

Practice Over The Holidays

Winter break is a great time to set up some practice matches for your junior players. Practice matches can be scheduled in non-prime time for the practice match rate of $22/hour. If you don’t have a partner or need some suggestions, Don Campbell is our practice match expert. Talk with Don or leave him a message and he will assist you in setting up some matches. Pros may have more lesson times and courts available over the break for private lessons. Speak with your favorite coach to schedule a time.