Arranging a Private Lesson


  1. Talk to the instructor of your choice. The desk staff or other instructors may help you with this decision if you do not have one in mind.
  2. Write down the blocks of time that work for your schedule.  For example: “Monday 4-7PM”
  3. The instructor will check his or her schedule to see if any times match.
  4. The instructor will check the tennis court reservation sheets for availability.
  5. Inform the instructor if you are trying to arrange a small group lesson. The instructor may be able to form a group using other students.
  6. Remember lessons may be done in 30,45, 60, and even 90 minute amounts.
  7. Lessons may be done with a court/ball machine combination.
  8. Once a lesson is arranged and scheduled, it is important to notify the instructor a day in advance if you can not make it. Someone else could use the court. The club has the option of charging you if you do not give enough notice.
  9. The club provides the balls, court and equipment.  Also, the club has demo rackets for rental if you are testing rackets.
  10. Payment is collected by the front desk.