Playing a Practice Match

This is 60 minutes of play. The parents, an instructor or the players may set up the practice match. If the child is in a junior group, upon request, the instructor will give the junior the name and telephone number  of four players of similar skill and age. Also, there is a ladder with players of similar skill by the pro office.


  1. The players confirm with each other and one calls the club and reserves the court.
  2. The players show up 10 minutes early and check-in with the desk.
  3. The players  obtain 4 balls of the same number from the practice match ball drawer.
  4. The players walk quietly behind the curtains and enter their court placing extra equipment and water by the netpost.
  5. The players hit down the middle for about 10 minutes, take serves, spin the racket and  play.
  6. Players must not run onto other courts for their balls, hit the curtains with their racket or use inappropriate language.
  7. Remember to wear tennis shoes and apparel with pockets to hold the second ball during serving.
  8. It is important to stop and pick-up “all” balls when the bell rings.
  9. Record the score in the Practice Match Notebook at the front desk and circle the winners name.

Note: Juniors get Junior Walk On Rates

Juniors may be charged if they forget to show-up

Outdoor courts are free