Team Tennis

Team Tennis is a USTA national program where players are placed on teams depending on skill and age.  Matches usually consist of four or six players. The players will participate in timed rounds,  playing both singles and doubles.  Coaches will select the players for each match. They will talk to the player, call you, e-mail you or sent you a playing schedule. This varies depending on the coach.  Coaches rotate players depending on need and availability. Most matches occur on Saturdays with a few on Sunday. It varies with each club. Matches consist of two hour time blocks. Players should arrive 15 minutes early for the match.   Some clubs have an internal registration fee and there is a match fee. In 2012-13 it was $17. At HVTC, we traditionally have 10 or 12 beginners, 12 intermediate,14 intermediate, 12 or 14 advanced and 18 intermediate or 18 advanced teams depending on interest.

Sign-up Procedure:

  1. Leave note or message for Don Campbell
  2. Sign-up at the front desk  leaving name, age on Aug. 1, 2014 and telephone number
  3. Get a USTA junior membership at
  4. Teams will be formed and given a name and team number
  5. The player will be placed on the appropriate team by the Pro Staff
  6. The parents will be given a form to fill out which has the team number.
  7. Sign-up is done on line

Online Sign-up (You can not register unless you have a team number and usta membership number)

  1. go to  (obtain a junior membership)
  2. click on tennislink
  3. click on jr. team tennis
  4. click on register   (remember to get the team name, level and number from the coach)