SEMTA Qualifier Camps

HVTC professionals have designed two intensive spring training camps. Both camps will prepare boys and girls in all age divisions for the SEMTA District Qualifier Tournament. Although the boys’ and girls’ tournaments are on separate weekends, pros encourage both boys and girls to enroll in the first camp, and all girls should register at least for the second week of the camp. Boys desiring extra training are also welcome to participate in the second week of the qualifier camp.

SEMTA Qualifier Training Camp Week 1
Fee: $112 for four days or $30 per day
Sunday, May 29, 1–3 pm
Monday, May 25, no practice (holiday)
Tuesday–Thursday, May 31–June 2, 4–6 pm
Thursday, June 3, 6–7 pm, Dinner Celebration

SEMTA Qualifier Training Camp Week 2
Fee: $140 for five days or $30 per day
Sunday, June 5, 1–3 pm
Monday–Thursday, June 6–9, 4–6 pm
Thursday, June 4, 6–7 pm, Dinner Celebration